Case Study

Over 500% Increase Of Sales On A Music Ecommerce Store

Before implementing proven strategies and precise targeting, the online store would only reach about $3000 a month. Within the first months we were able to scale to $12,000 & then within 3 months we scaled to $24,000 - $30,000 a month consistently

Scaled a ecommerce store to $30,000 a month within 3 months

One Month Sales

Using only $8700 in ad spend we were able to scale with paid ads to $30,000

One Month Ad Spend

Spending only $8,700 on ad spend with a 3.5x ROAS

How we helped

We were able to achieve these results by using our precise strategies for targeting while running paid ads through FB & Instagram.

One Day Avg. Sales

With only $466 ad spend (3.6 ROAS)

Using retargeting methods to reach customers who've engaged before to get better results and cheaper CPR

  • 30 Day Sales

  • 30 day Sales

  • 5 Day Sales