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Facebook & Instagram Ad Account Set Up - Consulting

Facebook & Instagram Ad Account Set Up - Consulting

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 With the Social Media Ads Setup, you’ll get a one-time setup made for acquiring leads or purchases in your ad account. We’ll set up and manage your website for 30 days. Includes audiences set up and creative copy, help with pixel set up, and run a campaign. 

Have your ads run by an expert in marketing. This setup will also be easy to duplicate and give you structure moving forward with running ads on your own.

You'll be sent a set up brief post-purchase.

The end goal of this is to provide massive value upfront so that in the near future you can upgrade to a full ad account management. However until then we know you may need some help on the way. 

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  • Make It Easier For Yourself

    Hiring someone who knows the ins and outs of ads will help find the best way to spend your money for the preferred results. You don't have to worry that you might be making mistakes or wasting money.

  • Easy To Duplicate

    Your ad account will be set up by a pro, with the experience of how structuring your ad account so that it makes it easier for you to follow the in the future when running the campaigns yourself.

  • Save Time

    Out sourcing your marketing can save your brand a ton of creative time that can be spent on running the business.

  • Accurate Results

    Dont spend too much time guessing your way through. It can be a huge waste of ad spend. Hiring a pro can ensure you that your budget is spent responsibly and profitably.

Avg. Month With $7,000 Ad spend (3.9 ROAS)

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