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Email Marketing - 20 Best Practices FREE Guide

Email Marketing - 20 Best Practices FREE Guide

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One of the first digital marketing channel, email still remains the highest driver of ROI. It’s one of the earliest and reliable way to introduce your brand to customers.

However, it takes data-driven decisions as well as a thoughtful touch to create email that moves customers closer to important moments.

To master this, we’ve gathered 20 tips to guide you. If you’re just getting started with email marketing or if you’re looking to improve what you’ve already built — this guide will help you create email that both resonates with customers and proves its own value.

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  • Room For Growth

    If you are not taking advantage of your current email list, you are missing out on about 40% of your revenue!

    Not only is your email list the most important and profitable sales channel, it’s also the most reliable.

  • Nuture Your Leads

    An email list is about 80% organic reach, which makes it the cheapest way to nurture leads and generate repeat purchases. Nurture your Facebook traffic for a fraction of the price, so you can maximize your ROI.

  • Improve Customer Retention

    An active email list also helps you build amazing relationships with your customers. Connect with them so that you aren't just another website or store. With a birthday automations, you can make sure you wont miss their special day and offer gifts to improve customer loyalty.

Client Store Using Automations 90 Days

Automations allow you to set triggers and retarget your list to improve conversion rate. We can set your store up with the same proven strategies

24 Hours After Our Strategies

Client store just 1 day of implementing our campaign strategy & automation set up. 3,957 % Increase making up for most of the Ecomm sales for that day with organic trafiic vs Ads

omnisend automation client results

7 day client results after our set up

Client revenue up by 50% after one week of applying our set up.

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